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  1. ‘You do occasionally smell a bit whiffy’ are not words that you dream of hearing from your husband, particularly when his expression suggests that he would rather you did smell nicer but is humouring you for your ‘cause’!

    The ‘cause’ is my bid to find a natural deodorant that works, as part of a general move toward using products on my skin with fewer toxins. Growing up my mum instilled in me a natural suspicion of anything containing perfume and synthetic chemicals, due to her gut feel that ‘they just can’t be good for you’. Having read more on the issue in the years since, there is much evidence to prove that her instincts were right, with more than 60% of the products we use being absorbed into our bodies and causing hormone disruption.

    Following a year of testing out a variety of natural deodorants, I was feeling disillusioned over their performance. They just didn’t work as well for me as their more conventional antiperspirant counterparts.

    It was at this point that I discovered The Natural Deodorant Company's deodorant cream, as recommended by the Hemsley sisters in a magazine article (and they don’t look like the sort of women who would settle for anything less than smelling lovely!). The company itself hails from Chelmsford in Essex, my home county, and so surely it was fate that threw us together...

    The Natural Deodorant Company has three deodorant types to choose from; each developed for a specific use - Daily Use, Sensitive Skin & Demanding Days. I selected the Gentle Deodorant Cream for Sensitive Skin in Tangerine (available in two other scents). There are two sizes; £6 for 15ml and £11 for 60ml. I purchased the bigger size as reviews suggest that it lasts for ages and is more cost effective.

    My delivery arrived in an attractive box from which I plucked my stylish tub of deodorant, looking more like a sophisticated face cream. I was drawn to the wonderfully short list of ingredients on the back (the fewer ingredients, the better when you are keeping things natural). However, was it all just too good to be true?

    Natural Deodorant   Natural Deodorant| The Natural Deodorant Company

    The deodorant has a creamy and slightly coarse texture, like wet clay (one of the main ingredients which absorbs the ‘wetness’ of sweat). It smells good enough to eat; the gentle scent of tangerine mixed with the subtle aromas of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil - a world away from the overpowering synthetic smell of an antiperspirant.

    The Natural Deodorent Company explain how their deodorant works; ‘Magnesium Oxide deodorises, bentonite clay helps to keep you dry and our rich fair trade shea butter keeps your sensitive underarm looking smooth and nourished.’

    To use, you pop a small amount on the end of your finger and apply to your armpit sparingly. It sinks straight into the skin, and feels gentle and nourishing, very much like putting on your face cream. I had just shaved too and there was absolutely no stinging sensation.

    My first testing day turned out to be a classic betwixt season Autumnal day, with the extremes of temperature exacerbated by a busy day; walking outside in the chill wind, sitting in a hot harvest assembly, hoovering and changing bedding, catching a warm train into London and taking part in an Escape activity afternoon with friends. All finished off with a lively dinner out and late arrival home.

    I made sure that I did a ‘sniff’ test every couple of hours, expecting quite early on to feel the need for a shower or change of top (I always work up quite a sweat trying to get the top bunk sheet in place!). However, I continued to smell fresh and there was no dampness at all. With every test the result was the same, and I was genuinely amazed.

    It was late by the time I arrived home and jumped in the shower, and even then I didn’t smell at all and neither did my clothes. This felt like nothing short of a miracle and suffice to say I was surprised and thrilled in equal measures!

    I have continued to use this wonderful deodorant in the week since, and it hasn’t wavered once. I feel more confident and secure than I ever have done in the past, and all the happier knowing that this deodorant is working with my body, and not against it.

    I asked Natural Deodorant Company's founder, Laurie Sanders, to explain a little bit more about how their deodorants work;

    "It took quite some time to find ingredients that provide the light, whipped texture of our natural deodorants. I love how they melt effortlessly into the skin, and we achieved this with our blend of organic shea butter and coconut oil. By using all-natural active ingredients to deodorise we were also able to create a product that truly keeps the underarms fresh all day, and I believe that is what people have been searching for.”

    In summary, there IS a natural equivalent to antiperspirants that not only works as well as, but exceeds their performance. If you’re wondering about whether to make the switch; I would say it is a no-brainer (and no-whiffer).

    It's so good, we are now stocking a range of these deodorants at The Wise House. Shop here. Customers who have made the switch already give their feedback (and how they are not going back!):

    'I absolutely adore the natural deodorant. Being honest I thought that it probably wouldn't be as effective as my usual deodorant but I was amazed at it's performance. So much better than the product I was using before. Love the feel of it on my skin and the scent is fresh and very natural. '(Keeley)

    'I recently bought the new Natural Deodorant in Tangerine. I was skeptical as to whether it would work but was willing to give it a go, not only for me but also for my 8 year old - who can get a bit whiffy during PE. I had tried other 'tweenager' products with limited success. However, this deodorant works brilliantly! I've officially converted. Thank you.'(Sarah)

    If you would like to know more about why you should switch to a natural deodorant, read The Natural Deodorant Company's latest blog;