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  1. Our patchwork of gardens have the potential to support a wide range of birds, bees and other creatures, should we create and allow the right habitat for them. In doing our bit to help beleaguered wildlife, we’ll also be shaping ourselves a beautiful, natural space to hang out and recharge in!

    I have always enjoyed my garden tremendously, wherever I’ve lived and whatever its size. Over recent years I’ve looked to plant specifically to attract nature, as opposed to choosing anything that looks pretty ‘in the moment’ from Squires.

  2. ‘When you think about your garden, do you think about the nature living in it at all?’.

    This was the question I asked a group of my friends’ hubbies recently, when discussing astrograss (read previous blog for my thoughts on that particular matter). They looked at me as if I was a bit mad, before gently ribbing me for my eco ways (threats to post a piece of astro through my letterbox, that sort of thing). I, in turn, treated them to my best blackbird and earthworm anecdotes…