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  1. Those who have read my previous blog ‘Growing Up In A Soap Family’ will know that I grew up with humble beginnings when it comes to beauty products. My mum has always avoided perfumes, lathers and the like, preferring a simple bar of soap to do most of the hard work. Bubble bath came but once a year with Father Christmas. It was an eco friendly approach years before the term was coined!

  2. It's been a few years since I wrote the blog below, and since then loose leaf tea has come back into vogue! Not least due to the fact that we now know that most teabags contain plastic. Bit of a surprise to most, especially those of us who have been happily composting away and spreading plastic infused compost onto our gardens! One way to avoid this is to get a teapot and use loose-leaf tea. For a tea pot, you need a tea cosy - expecially as the tea takes a few extra minutes to brew. Hence, in our house since the advent of loose leaf tea, the trusty tea cosy has come back into play.