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    Making It Easier To Be Eco Friendly

    Hi, I'm Lucy and I have tried and tested all of the eco friendly products that you will find here. This collection will help you to make simple and effective swaps towards a more natural and less wasteful way of living and giving.

    From Organic Cotton Tops and award winning Natural Skincare, to Plastic Free Shampoo and Reusable Wipes.

    Do your bit for the planet, and join me in becoming a (chic) eco geek!



    Reusable Make Up Pads


    Sale Price £10.55

    Brown Paper Tape Christmas UK

    No More Clingfilm

    Sale Price £8

    Eco Friendly Luxury Gift Set

    Two Colours

    Sale Price £2.50

    Last 3 In Stock

    Sale Price £17.50

    Gift Inspiration

    Reusable Makeup Wipes

    Reusable Wipes Collection

    Fairtrade Pyjamas

    Garden Gifts

    Eco Kitchen UK

    Table Linen Collection


    Dog Walking Bag Gift UK

    Made From Off Cuts

     Every bag is unique, made from off cuts from a Scottish weavers. Fits everything you need for a dog walk.

    Cotton Bowl Cover


    Make your table look beautiful, and avoid clingfilm altogether with these handmade bowl covers.

    Solid Shampoo Bar

    Three Hair Types

    I've tried many solid shampoos, and this is by far the most effective! It's given my hair a new lease of life.

    Reusable Make Up Wipes

    Handmade in the UK

    Replace wet wipes with washable cotton and bamboo wipes. Better for you and the planet.

    "Great service and beautiful product. I ordered a cotton kimono dressing gown which arrived the very next day. The quality is excellent. It fits perfectly and the design and colour is exactly as shown in the photos. I love it. Well done The Wise House!"

    Cotton Kimono Dressing Gown Pyjamas

    Save time and let me wrap your gifts for you in plain brown or patterned paper. 100% recycled and recyclable.

    Whether you are a last minute dash to the shops, throw the paper on, cellotape in teeth kind of a person; or wrapped by 1st December, precise folds, silk bows kind of a person, try following these tips to become up a less wasteful, more eco geeky kind of person.

    About The Wise House

    I'm Lucy,  guvnor of The Wise House, which is now double digits - 10 years old!  

    My journey with The Wise House has led to the discovery of innovative products designed to reduce waste, and has opened my eyes to the importance of better understanding the impact of consumption.

    I offer a reusable alternative to disposable products, and/or natural beauty products as a swap for synthetic products.  Less waste, less impact all round. Not perfect, but in short, a wiser way of doing things.

     Most products are made in the UK by fellow small businesses.

    Lucy Owner of Small Business The Wise House


    I aim to dispatch via Royal Mail within 48 hours of receiving your order. You can contact me [email protected] if you need your order more quickly, or have any questions.


    All orders are packed by hand in my garden studio in Hampton, London. I use paper envelopes, boxes and biodegradable packing materials (often reusing boxes and packaging). 

    Secure Payment System

    I accept all payment types via our fast, secure checkout and have the highest level of site security (https) to ensure that data is kept private.