Style Partners

No (wo)man is an island, and one of the most enlightening aspects of my job has been the discovery of an online community of talented and inspirational bloggers and small business owners. This has given us all a wonderful forum for working together; to share ideas, raise and inform on issues that we feel passionate about, and keep the creative juices flowing.

Over time we'll be building up a list of our favourite bloggers and small business owners; those with whom we share the same sense of style and ethos and who also like what we do and sell.

So here they are; friends and style partners to The Wise House.

1. WeLoveHome Blog - Maxine Brady

I've been following Maxine's blog posts since the early days of her move into a derelict house in Brighton. It has been fascinating to watch Maxine transform her home; enviable DIY nouce, clever style tricks and her knowledge as an interior stylist all combine to create gorgeous results.

Maxine's down-to-earth manner make her blog and vlog posts easy to follow and her ideas relatively simple to incorporate into your own home. She also does it all on a small budget, keeping it 'real' for the majority of her (and our) readers!

You'll also find features on shopping ideas, the latest trends (keeping me on my toes), upcycling and craft projects.

Maxine has featured our Pompom Baskets and Pompom Light Garlands in her blog in the past. This is one of my favourite recent Blog Posts: [DIY Makeover] From Window To Back Door. Do read and enjoy :-).

2. Celebrate Creation - Claire Parkin

I was introduced to Claire's interior design and lifestyle by a friend, who knew I would enjoy Claire's warm and chatty style. Claire is clearly someone who loves to experience new things in life, sharing her astute observations and discoveries with us through her blog. From photos of her latest interior crush to her Sunday Night Feelings, her eclectic collection of posts are uplifting and engaging.

Claire is a University Lecturer and believes that - 'people are life long learners'. From her posts, I recently learnt how to keep tulips standing upright (a 1p coin in the bottom of a vase), tips on staying positive (much needed when you run your own business) and interior styling inspiration (via a through-the-keyhole look at people's homes).

This is a feel-good blog that makes perfect reading accompanied by a cup of tea.

3. Seaworthy Stories - Emma Calascione

Seaworthy Stories is a new blog on the block, written and designed by the seafaring Emma Calascione, who is currently crewing aboard a yacht sailing around the Mediterranean Sea. 

My first read of Emma's blog was an entertaining review of our very own Bee's Wrap, which Emma recently sourced as part of the crew's drive to run an eco-conscious boat. 

Emma is a great writer; she has a relaxed style which manages to be both informative and extremely funny. I love how she balances the more serious points with a splash of dry wit; 
(When discussing the cons of Plastic Wrap) 'The gender issue: Men simply cannot cut cling film correctly.'

I have an extra soft spot for this blog as I grew up crewing aboard a yacht for my Seadog father, although the English Channel was a lot colder and less glamorous than the Med! Emma's blog is in its infancy, so this is a great time to jump aboard (pardon the pun) and enjoy her musings on the environment, ultra fab eco products and life at sea.