NATURAL SOAP & ACCESSORIES - Sustainable & Ethical Shopping

London based All Natural Soap Company soaps were chosen for their all-round brilliance. Having tried a wide range of handmade sos, these were consistently my favourite for scent and usability, giving a good enough lather to have a decent wash and an excellent variety of types for things like sensitive skin, exfoliation and cleansing. They also last and hold together well, so you will get your monies worth. You'll be ditching your shower gel for these in no time!


Award winning 100% natural soaps handmade in small batches in the UK by All Natural Soap Co, without the use of palm oil and other synthetic chemicals. Suitable for all skin types; use as a plastic-free alternative to face cleanser, shower gel and other off-the-shelf products. Showel Gel is so passe!

As featured on Eco Modern Homes Thoughtful Gifts blog feature.

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