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As a bit of a break from the normal drinks down the pub we decided to have our class mum's night at our local pottery cafe - the cleverly named Happy Potter in Teddington. They have a ladie's only night when you can bring your own drinks and have a good natter while you get a bit creative (what a genius idea!). As well as the option to paint something ceramic (everything from butter dishes to knomes), you can also try you hand at decoupage - here is a definition for the unititated:

Découpage is a French word that means "cut out" or "cut up." Découpage is usually composed of paper designs or images from magazines that are cut out and glued to any surface (a canvas, a cardboard box, a chair - anything). The images may overlap as they cover the entire surface, creating a very exciting array of colors and visual relationships.

I decided to give it a go and chose the word 'shop' so that I can stick it to my loft shop door. You can see the results below! It was great fun to do and I loved choosing from the array of gorgeous decopatch tissue paper and matching up the designs. I did think it was the slightly quicker option versus pottery painting but I was working right up to the wire to get it done before the cafe closed! It's also a test of multi-tasking skills to decoupage, gossip and drink all at the same time!


It has sparked off an interest in decoupage and I managed to lift some other good ideas from Pinterest;



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