The Signing and Homecoming Of Our New Wall Print

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It was with a sense of nervous excitement that I set out on my trip to the printers to pick up 220 copies of our new Bless This Home Wall Print. After months of designing and planning it was finally ready to go! Due to my inexperience in these matters, I had imagined that 220 copies would fill a small warehouse and so had taken the time to put the seats down in the car and clear space. In actual fact it didn't take up much space at all, which is good news all round (especially for house guests sharing the same room!).

I took Gerry and his team at Fine Art Solutions a bag of thank you pastries (generous indeed?!) as they have been absoloutely fantastic and very patient with my many colour adjustments and last minute paper changes. They are one of a few specialist printers who use the Giclee method of printing. Now I would love at this point to give you all of the technical details, but having seen the slightly glazed look in the eyes of my friends after 5 minutes of explanation I'll try and keep it short and sweet. It's a very clever way to print using 9 colours sprayed from little ink jets onto the paper. The colour is fired into the paper and the results look much closer to the original artwork than a normal digital print would do. It also means the colours stay true and won't fade so much with time. The paper is super-duper thick, very very good quality (and I promise I don't use the word 'quality' in a double-glazing salesman way).

I then drove from the printers down to Sussex to the lovely Lydia Bevan's house (pictured below). She is the very talented artist who drew this amazing artwork for us. Lydia got down to work with the signing and numbering whilst I spent an enjoyable few hours playing with her gorgeous little girl, walking around her beautiful garden and generally trying not to make a nuisance of myself. Lydia also taught me how to roll the prints properly. Showing my inexperience yet again I had rather heavy handedly rolled one of the first proofs only to crease the paper (curse and botheration). There were other 'challenges' in the form of my tripping up the stairs into the wall and damaging the corner of one print and the discovery of a perfectly pressed mini beast in between 2 of the prints. It was with relief that I delivered the safely wrapped, cardboard protected prints back into my storage room. Phew.

I sold the first print the very next day to one very happy Hampton mum. I'm now off to do a photoshoot so that I can get them up and running on the website...not long now!!!

 Bless This Home Wall Print


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