Harvey Rabbit The Wise House

One-of-a-kind handsewn bunnies made by my auntie, a talented seamstress. Just two left - be quick if you would like to give one a home.

Meet our family of handsewn rabbits, inspired by 35 year old 'flat' Harold (see footnote). Each one of these remarkable looking rabbits is different, with its own expression and snazzy pair of cotton dungarees. With more personality than any Build-a-Bear, these rabbits are looking for a good home where they will be loved for all time. Approximately 30inches in length. They are very soft, made with high quality fur that doesn't shed. Some of the rabbits have buttons on their dungarees which may be a choke hazard for very little ones.

The inspiration, Our Harold..
 'I've had Harold since I was 3 years old and he is my oldest friend and one of my most   treasured possessions. He is incredibly flat, threadbare and scruffy, but I love him all the  more for it.'- Lucy, the Guvnor

RoseandHarold.jpeg (546x800)