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This isn’t my children’s bedroom:

This is my children’s (8 and 10 years old) bedroom:


I spend far too much time scrabbling around on this very floor, picking up ‘bits’ and looking for somewhere to put them. My daughter Rose loves to play schools and, as such, one wall is adorned with homemade behaviour charts and small scraps of paper (pupil names) blue tacked to the walls (always interesting to see who has been given the highest accolade of ‘Top Banana’ ).


Rose has a great imagination and enjoys making things; which often involves glue, cellotape and small miscellaneous objects. The thing is, all of this creativity does make me happy (particularly when contrasted with her older brother whose activities are limited to playstation, football, YouTube and enforced reading) BUT this type of play leaves a trail behind it which old Muggins Magee here ends up clearing up.

The final straw came when I trod on an errant drawing pin. There was only one thing for it - a good old fashioned clearout and re-organisation, utilising things that we already have in the house for storage, with the help of a few extra items from The Wise House. Maybe this will prompt a more tidy attitude to bedroom maintenance in future.

So I got to work. Inspired by my own mum’s use of shoe boxes for storage when growing up, I used a combination of rather more stylish boxes. This included those that we had already (find similar at WHSmith, Zara Home, Paperchase) as well as a Storage Box Trio and Compartment Box from The Wise House. I used the Storage Box Trio for things like paper, fabric, pottery creations, stuffing and wool and the Compartment Box for smaller bits like buttons, sequins, sewing accessories, and the like (see below).


(Geometric Compartment Box, The Wise House £12.95)

I used adhesive wall stickers to attach the smallest box base and lid to the wall, making two shelves for Rose’s hair accessories. Hopefully this will prevent her from losing her hairbrush every 5 minutes! I put most of the other boxes onto the shelves of Rose’s shop (cleverly handmade by my Uncle). She rarely uses it as a shop these days, so I’m pleased to be able to use it for storage.


(Command Adhesive Wall Stickers, Homebase £3)


(Storage Box Trio, The Wise House £19.95)

One of the Souk baskets from The Wise House has now been made into a mobile laundry basket, in the hopes that they will now pop their dirty clothes straight into it, rather than on the floor or down the side of the bed.


(Souk Basket, The Wise House £24)

I have another smaller basket from Zara Home next to Rose’s bed to hold all current reading material. I moved the wicker chair basket to the chimney breast, and put all of their games into it. I'm a big basket fan as they are so versatile and come in a range of shapes and sizes that can be used in a child’s bedroom for toys, magazines or dressing up clothes.


(Storage Cube and Drawer, Find Similar at the Great Little Trading Company.)

Moving on to the good old Jumbo Storage Bag. These bags are big, robust, cheap, eco-friendly and also attractive to look at. I have put one next to the desk and one behind their bed and transferred all of the children’s artwork into them (after a cull of the pieces with less...huc hum...merit). I moved the desk from the centre of the room, where it was sticking out into the floor space, over to the window. I love this old school desk, bought by my parents when I was young. Next job - remove the stickers that the children have so lovingly placed on it.


(Poppy Jumbo Storage Bag, The Wise House £4.50)

I chose one of the Pink Moth Drawstring Bags from The Wise House as a new home for Rose’s tights, which will save the regular tighthunt of a morning. I also find these cotton bags useful for holidays, when you can fill them with underwear or toiletries.


(Pink Moth Drawstring Bag, The Wise House £15)

Finally, I used some adhesive wall hooks to hang up some garden wire and used small pegs (Hobbycraft) to attach the behaviour charts. I’m not sure that this is a vast improvement but it does neaten things up a little and I have plenty of spare pegs for attaching the names.


After much sifting and sorting, I finished off with one bag of rubbish and one bag for charity. The whole thing took around 3 hours. It was worth it for the sense of satisfaction and Rose’s reaction - surprise and delight - particularly over the box shelves. She didn’t think I had it in me to come up with something so ‘creative’! It ain't perfect but, afterall, I believe a children's bedroom should be a place of creativity rather than a place for coordinated scattercushions :-).


(Mala Easel, Ikea £16)

(Dinosaur Single Duvet Set, Fox Organic Kids £52)

Extra Storage Tips

One of our style partners, Maxine Brady (WeLoveHome Blog), has made great use of her Wise House Pompom Baskets as rather swish recycling baskets;

‘In my tiny kitchen, I don't have room for a large (and ugly) recycling bin. Instead I've hung up three pom pom baskets on hooks on the wall, one for paper, one for plastic and one for glass. They have given my kitchen a rustic look while keeping clutter at bay - and what is not to love about pom poms?'

A good friend of mine takes a stash of Jumbo Storage Bags on camping trips. On a particularly wet trip last year, she told me that these bags were her saviour as they kept all of their clothes dry whilst the tent turned into one big puddle. I also keep one in the boot for the regular supply of dirty boots and shoes.

I would love to hear your thoughts; Do you have a similar experience with your children's bedrooms? Would you put some of these storage ideas into practice? All those who comment below will be entered into a Prize Draw to win a Storage Box - a name will be plucked out randomly on Friday 26th February.

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  4. Jennie Reed

    When they were younger they were really untidy. But now they have their own homes I could take decluttering lessons from them! Lovely storage solutions in your blog. Attic here I come!

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  5. Sarah

    I have a daughter who is similarly always making things and leaving a trail of creation/devastation behind her! Would love to put one of the geometric compartment boxes to good use :)

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