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We excitedly took delivery of our new recycled rice bag pots on friday (picnic rugs to follow today). They are absolutely fab! My daughter and I really enjoyed looking through the fascinating variety of patterns and colours. One of our favourites has a mermaid on the inside.  Rose has decided to use that one for storage of her sea shell collection and so is officially my first customer (I'll deduct it from her pocket money...).

The bags start life like this:

Fair Trade Rice Bag Pots  Fair Trade Rice Bag Pots 

These bags can be seen piled high on the back of trucks in Indonesia. They would usually end life in landfill where they take squillions of years to decompose. Sarah, our supplier,  spotted the sacks whilst on her travels around Asia and saw an opportunity to make a range of unique and ethical products. The material is made to be hardy and waterproof and so lends itself perfectly to all manner of uses.

The products are made by a non-government, Christian organisation working with the poor in Southeast Asia. Sarah has been out to meet both the organisers and workers and she said that 'everyone we met and everywhere we went was inspiring. We saw the project in action on a daily basis and know that the benefits go directly to the entire team - there is no middle man, this is a small organisation and it really works.' To see more pics visit:

It is a bit of a treat for us at The Wise House to have spotted a product that we loved from the outset and to then learn what a wonderful story the product has to tell. We can't wait to see the response and will look to stock more of their fab products in the future.




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