E-books: Friend or Foe - Join the debate and you could win a pack of bookplates!

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The Big E-Book Debate - What do you think?

I must admit to having a luddites response to the early launch of e-books. My brother and I had a heated debate about it on holiday in Badenweiler. He is a bit of a techy (being an aircraft engineer and all that) and has no issue with seeing e-books take over the world. Having said that, I was always the bookworm of the family and as such have a very strong emotional attachment to books. In an article I read online yesterday, someone said that the emotional attachment is to the story, not the book. Is that true? In part yes, but there is something to be said for the feel of a real book, the satisfaction of moving the bookmark through the pages and then closing the book at the end and giving it a satisfactory pat. I also like to fill our bookshelves with the books that I loved reading - if you look at the bookshelf, you can see a little bit of who I am. When we moved house I remember feeling strange until those books were in place on the shelf again. I also LOVE lending out my favourite books to friends and family and seeing what they think. It simply is not as easy to lend an e-book (please do correct me if I am wrong). Anyway, the irony of my resistance to e-books as someone who has an online shop is not lost on me!

Now I do admit to sneaking a look at e-books when on holiday. Even I can see that it's easier reading an e-book on the beach, plane etc. And for travellers it's a bit of a no-brainer. The New York Times reports that more than half of kindle owners are over 35 years old, so the older generation are opting for ease of use (I'm almost positive my parents will resist to the last!).

I hope there is a place for both and that books won't disapear completely. I chose to stock the Mac & Ninny bookplates as straight away I felt an emotional connection - 'Oooh I can put nice labels in all of my favourite books'.

I would love to know what you folk think and I'll be giving 3 packs of bookplates away to my favourite comments (not just the ones that agree with me!!).

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  1. tina morgan

    I think these book plates would make anyone think twice about a e-book. At my book club, the first 5 mins are usually taken up with comparing and admiring different book covers!

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