We made it into The Guardian Mag!!

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On returning from a lovely walk in Claremont Gardens on Saturday I did the usual check of my e-mail account - lo and behold there were 7 orders awaiting my attention. I also noticed that quite a few new people were following The Wise House on Twitter as well as lots of new Facebook friends...but still the penny did not drop! Finally, I looked at my FB notifications and a lovely chap had written 'Well done on the write up in the Guardian Weekend Magazine today guys. Well deserved.' I sent my hubby sprinting down to the local store to pick up a copy. One of my fab customers had written into the 'What you like' column - you can see it here:

What followed was great excitment! I have since had lots of orders and thousands of hits on the website. I think I am still in shock...

Welcome to all new website visitors - I hope you find something you like!!


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