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'The Wise House has such great things and lots I'd like to try. The raw cocoa and coconut facemask is amazing, loved it as did my skin. Will definitely be ordering more of this beauty. Thank you for bringing to my attention.' (Jo)


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A range of natural and organic beauty products tried and tested by me (the guvnor) and now part of my simplified beauty routine! Why choose chemical-laden creams from the high street when such effective alternatives are available? You only have to compare ingredients labels to see what a big difference you are making, in terms of reducing toxins.

The entire range has been researched, tested, mixed and made in the UK by hand, by the wonderful team at Evolve Beauty. Since stocking their products a few years back, they have become an award winning natural beauty company. Their products are luxurious and effective - I love them, and I hope you will too.

If you want to create a starter or gift set from the products above, you can do so with the Eco Care Starter Set.