Revival Of The Washing Line (And Peg Bag)

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I was in the midst of jotting down ideas for my next newsletter and decided to do a little piece on our Funky Peg Bags what with the expected arrival of Spring/Summer and all that. I feel like I can speak with some authority of the subject as I am without a dryer and so have managed to hang our clothes out for a bit of air for most of the winter (although I must confess to a couple of emergency visits to neighbours for a quick blast in their dryer when the weather has been wet!).

I was busy googling for some extra reasons to persuade you all that line drying is best (which it really, really is although I know you'll miss the warm, freshly baked feel of dryer clothes). I much prefer hanging clothes out on the line and love the fresh air smell that the clothes pick up. When the sun gets a bit hotter it also bleaches our stains and makes white clothes whiter. However, I wanted a few more reasons to convert tumble dryer obsessives to the humble washing line. I stumbled across a really great blog called 'Simple Mom' which tells you how to make your life more simple (a concept I dream about daily!). Here is a great little piece on the benefits of line drying

And just to remind you of our wonderful selection of Funky Peg Bags, see pics below. They are lovely, lovely quality. Double lined so they don't blow off the line so easily. Mine is now over a year old and looks as vibrant as the day it was made. You can machine wash them too should they get a bit grubby.

Handmade Peg Bags Joel Dewberry Print  Handmade Peg Bags Bird Print         





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    Loving the peg bags and the hearts x

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