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New 100drine tins are on their way at long last! Hooray! We've sold out of most of the ones we had in stock so it'll be great to stock up with a few new designs thrown in. They didn't quite make it across the water for Christmas but it'll be nice to have new stock for 2013. They really are beautiful and very collectable tins and we are one of only two suppliers in the UK. Like me, alot of people come across them in France and fell in love with them but they are tricky to get hold of.

I've chosen a few new designs this time; BOITE BEBE MON CHOU (New Baby Boy Tin), BOITE BEBE MA ROSE, (New Baby Girl Tin), MY HAPPY BOX and BOITE A LETTRES (My Letters Box). Here's a sneak preview;


100drine tin baby boy100drine tin baby girl100drine tin letters100drine tins My Happy Box





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  1. Anna

    I Would like to buy new baby girl it available? Thanks Anna

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