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There was an awful lot to do in the week leading up to the Pop Up Shop as we rearranged the whole of the downstairs of our house and set about creating a nice festive ambience.

One of my first tasks was to gather some twigs for a nice hanging hearts display with twinkly lights. Pretty straight forward one might think. Except that for some reason in Sunbury Park twigs seem to be pretty thin on the ground (yes, woodland would have been a better bet). I did manage to gather a small armful, at which point I was accosted by a very excited and large labrador who playfully tugged half of them from my arms and ran off with them. I resumed collecting, peacefully enjoying the solitude and late Autumn sunshine, when once again I was challenged by a sheep dog who circled and growled at me. At this point I was very frightened, until the owner pointed out that the dog was also frightened that I was going to hit him with a stick and that I should jog on as quickly as possible. Which I did, only to find myself in a face off with another dog a few hundred yards later. It seems the park wasn't big enough for all of us, and as there were more of them than me, I took the meagre load I had and headed home. Anyway, you'll see from the pics they scrubbed up rather nicely with a bit of gold spray!

Anyway, the night itself was a HUGE success. I couldn't believe how busy it was with everyone spending lots of money. So many items are now low or out of stock (not for long, almost all due back in soon). Big sellers were candles (all sorts), magnets, tea towels, doorstops, placemats, baskets, bookplates, gift preserve kits - infact I think I sold something of everything! It made all of the effort more than worth it. I will definately do more of these in the future.

Here are some pics:

Mirrored Candle Holders  Mac & Ninny Bookplates  The Wise House Shop 


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