I love my honeybuns...

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0 Comments, I am not talking about my hubby (sorry darling) but about the wonderful Honeybuns Bakery in Dorset. They make handmade, award winning gluten- and wheat-free cakes, some of which are also dairy-free. I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of these delights and I haven't stopped going on about them since taking my first bite of the Almondi cake. They are totally, completely yummy!!!! (Confession - my hubby was out til late last night so I hid the box to prevent him from any late night binging). Perfect for Coeliacs, allergy sufferers and, quite frankly, anyone breathing.

The Wise House is now involved in a bit of co-promotion with said bakery (I know which side my bread is buttered) and will be giving weekly prizes as part of their Tinker Tuesday competition throughout the whole of May. As well as Wise House bits you could also win a box of Triple Chocolate Tinkers (how good do they sound?). So pop along to their website, maybe sign up for the newsletter & competition and browse the many tasty morsels that they sell:


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