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Wow, what a month! Following our Guardian Mag mention we have been really busy with orders. We have also added quite a few new products which you can read all about in the latest newsletter

We are running low on a few products, most noticably the tea towels and memo boards. Fear not, we will be getting more of both in by the end of March. There will be three new memo board designs which I think are the nicest yet and actually retail at slightly less than the old versions (around £20). I'll post pics soon as I have them.

I've also stumbled upon a company called Shady Lady which sells the most gorgeous, unique lampshades. They are very 'Wise House' so we must have some! I plan to stock these from April time. Here are a couple of examples:

Finally, the poor allotment has probably had less attention that it should have done due to my Wise House commitments but my garlic is doing well, my potatoes are chitting and I have planted my pocket garden sunflower seeds ready for a competition with friends so all is not lost...


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