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I really enjoyed my trip to Top Drawer on Monday although after a few hours sensory overload does take over! There was a lot of the same old but amongst it all there were a few gems to behold.

I have ordered a fantastic range of eco candles including a retro-style man candle, candles that are kind to bees (you burn the beeswax candle, grow the seeds, attract the bees) and divine smelling candles. 

I have also ordered some very lovely and affordable Pocket Gardens - cute little foil pouches with soil and seeds inside. You simply snip off the top, water and watch your plant grow (lavendar, cosmos, peas, strawberries etc). The kid's version is very cute with a picture of the flower to colour in on the front too.

Finally, I came across a fab new company called Mac and Ninny who have designed and produced a beautiful range of bookplates (smart labels for your fave books). It might not be something you thought you wanted or needed, but wait until you see them! I can just imagine picking out my favourite books and giving them some special treatment and what a lovely, unusual present they would make (that's my dad's birthday sorted out!).

Mac and Ninny have also produced some utterly gorgeous Preserve Gift Kits. Perfect for an art that is no longer only the preserve (excuse the pun) of the over 50s. At Christmas we were happily munching on my Auntie Fae's delicious piccalli when she said that it's impossible to find pretty jar covers. Well, Mac and Ninny have come up with the goods - I might even give jam making a go myself this year as we get a nice crop of strawberries down at the allotment.

See below piccies of Preserve Kit and Bookplate (and there are lots of different designs). Due in stock in 6 weeks.

Photos and descriptions will be added to the website in the next few days and the stock of candles and pocket gardens will be in end of next week. I'll let you know about the bookplates and preserve kits...





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