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Hello. Thank you to those of you who are checking over my website ready for its official launch on Friday 25th November - yikes! Please do let me know if you find any typos or random products in places they shouldn't be.

I have my first stand booked for the local school fair on Saturday 26th November and I can't wait to show the locals all of my wares. It will be a great chance for me to give out my business cards too, which is why I must have the website up and running by then. Note to self - must not look too desperate. From previous experience with a friends business at fairs, it pays not to use the pushy saleswomen approach so I must avoid a/ leaning forward over table b/ making intense eye contact and c/ smiling too much. I know myself there is nothing worse than trying to browse with some keeno breathing down your neck!

It was my daughter, Rose's, 4th birthday party on Saturday. It all went well I think.  As well as it can with fourteen 4 year olds let loose on the house and garden. I shamelessly used the party to showcase a few of The Wise House products. The pencil and art tin were placed strategically on the dining table. And I gave the Mr. Fogel badges out at the end. I even used the cloud cards as thank you cards - they are quite cool. One of my lovely friends bought a You do it magnetic list (to keep the hubby in order) and some pebble fridge magnets. Thank you Chris!

So that's it for now. My next task is to fill in all of the metatag information so that the search engines can find me. I have to add in all the words that I can think of that people might use to search for homeware - tips anyone?

Over and out for now.



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