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  1. It's been a crazy and exciting couple of months, what with the launch of The Wise House in the lead up to Christmas. What was once a relaxing guest room in the loft is now filled with packaging and lots of lovely stock!

    Thank you to everyone who has made a purchase. I look forward to finding more lovely things to sell in the New Year including candles, picture frames and garden accessories. Any other requests?

    Thanks to all,

    Lucy xx

  2. I am absolutely delighted with the new range of 100drine storage tins which were delivered to me yesterday. My only problem is that they are even more beautiful in reality (versus on the web) so I will take some more photos to show you all. I already have one friend who confessed to being obsessed with looking at them - she has ordered 3 already! I have chosen to keep the Spice tin for starters, and I keep doing that thing where you look at it from different angles of the room. Because the pictures on each side are sooo lovely, it's hard to decide which ones to have on display. It does mean that you can change them around a bit, depending on your mood.

    Anyway, I must stop going on about them. Over and out for now!!