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  1. ...says the cute message inside the lid of 100drine's My Seeds Tin. Indeed I now have most of the seeds I need packed into this tin and it is sitting on my windowsill looking very pretty and making me think of Spring.  To encourage you to do just that the price has been dropped down to £14 (normal price £17) for the rest of January.

    Had a satisfying trip to the allotment. The hubby and I dug over all of the soil and covered with horse manure so that it is all ready to go. It's so mild I am thinking about planting some seeds early but there is always a chance that frost will kill the whole lot off!


  2. Happy New Year to all visitors to

    Now that the festivities are over I am trying very hard to get the house ship shape and more organised for the year ahead. And it's also time to start thinking about the poor, neglected allotment. Not much going on there at the moment, just an area of soil in need of horse poo nourishment (no doubt with plenty of new weeds since my last visit) and some lonely garlic seeds.

    So, one of my weekend tasks is to find and sort out of all my seeds (probably eaten by the mice in the shed) and pop them into my safe, pretty Seeds Tin on the windowsill so I am all ready for planting. For anyone interested in 'growing your own', January is a great time for making grand plans and being overly ambitious with the range of fruit and veg that you hope to grow and eat. Jan/Feb is also time to sow onions, peas, spinach and rhubarb. I've actually had success with all of these in the past as they are hardy. This year I am also going to try growing raspberries as the kids and I are always very jealous of everyone elses at the allotment in the summer. It also means I might prevent their allotment boredom for an extra 10 minutes or so.

    Now, I am off to a Home trade show next week so I will be looking out for nice garden accessories to get us in the mood! Watch this space.