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  1. I am absolutely delighted with the new range of 100drine storage tins which were delivered to me yesterday. My only problem is that they are even more beautiful in reality (versus on the web) so I will take some more photos to show you all. I already have one friend who confessed to being obsessed with looking at them - she has ordered 3 already! I have chosen to keep the Spice tin for starters, and I keep doing that thing where you look at it from different angles of the room. Because the pictures on each side are sooo lovely, it's hard to decide which ones to have on display. It does mean that you can change them around a bit, depending on your mood.

    Anyway, I must stop going on about them. Over and out for now!!

  2. I am very pleased to report that the 2 Xmas fair events last week were a great success.

    The first was in a very trendy company in the City. I was a little worried that The Wise House might not be cool enough, but feedback was really great and I sold lots of placemats, tea towels, fridge magnets and to-do lists.

    The local school fair was as busy and crazy as ever. Infact I had an easier job than my husband, Craig, as I sheltered from the crowds behind my stall whilst he took our 2 children around the many activities and stands (with strict instructions to avoid the teddy tombola)! It was a great opportunity to show local friends all of my wares, and I sold lots and lots of things. Best sellers were all of the magnetic goodies, cards, badges, tea towels, napkin rings and First Aid tins.

    I have just added a fab new product to the 'An Organised Mind' range. Check out the magnetic photo boards. If you are looking for a focal point in a room that is also hugely practical, then these are perfect. My son Will is getting the football version for Christmas and Rose the slightly smaller Cup Cake magnetic chalk board.

    Well, I am about to send my official launch e-mail to family and friends, so if you are reading this you have probably received it. Thanks for your support everyone - here goes nothing...