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  1. My friend Suze is waging a one-woman crusade at her university campus; she is encouraging her colleagues to use use the 'real' plates and cutlery provided by their on-site canteen, rather than the disposable alternatives that are also available (for takeaway back to their desk). This may sound like an easy ask (and Suze is a very persuasive person) but she has been met with reluctance because people would have to...wait for it...walk their dirty crockery back to the canteen for the kitchen staff to place in the dishwasher! Imagine!

  2. Those who have read my previous blog ‘Growing Up In A Soap Family’ will know that I grew up with humble beginnings when it comes to beauty products. My mum has always avoided perfumes, lathers and the like, preferring a simple bar of soap to do most of the hard work. Bubble bath came but once a year with Father Christmas. It was an eco friendly approach years before the term was coined!