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Hello, I'm Lucy, Guvnor of The Wise House.

I've always wanted a little shop of my own. At the age of 11 my best friend Emma and I decided we would set up our own bakery (based on our love of cakes). We called it Mc 'n' Rowe, a 'tasteful' combination of our surnames (a habit which caught on for The Wise House*). We spent a lot of time designing the shop front and dreaming up the cakes we would sell (one of which had a whole Mars Bar in the centre). We put that idea to bed when we realised you had to get up early for the baking....

Over the years my love for 'housy bits' has grown and I can often be found rubber-necking outside people's windows (dusk is best for this, lights on, curtains not yet closed!). It's hard to pidgeonhole my 'style' - I do love bright colours and bold patterns, things that shout out to you as you enter a room. At the same time I try to go for the timeless rather than the trendy! I'm most inspired by houses that are eclectic and uncontrived with a 'lived in' feel.

My journey with The Wise House has exposed me to so many talented British designers. I have become passionate about the many amazing products being produced by small, talented artisans who love what they do. As such, the range of products from British suppliers continues to grow.

I also enjoy designing and developing my own products, such as the Art Prints and Hipster Bags. My daughter now has the bug and recently drew a fabric design for me which I love!

Our worlds are so full of the massed produced. I want The Wise House to be a breath of fresh air where you can buy real things made by real people that will stand the test of time...

*We bought my children a little wendy house for the garden and decided to give it a cheesy name combining the 'Wi' of Will (son's name) and the 'se' of Rose (daughter's name). We obviously had nothing better to do at the time?!! Hence, The 'Wise' House was born. It seemed like it was meant to be when I started the business and I didn't think twice about calling it The Wise House.

 My Children And I Enjoying Rome

The Wise House Guvnor


Get in touch on +44 020 89418412 or


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