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Bowman Bears - Pretty Jointed Fabric Bears. Only 1 remaining in stock.

We were lucky enough to hear about these gorgeous bears through the gravevine from friends who had fallen under their spell.

These handstitched, jointed, fabric bears are made by the skilful hands of Amy Bowman. Her inspiration comes from a love of making things, a penchant for beautiful fabrics and her lovely children.

In true boutique fashion, we are stocking a limited number in each fabric so be quick if you fall in love with one of these lads and lasses!

They make wonderful keepsake presents for a little (or not so little) one.

Although all of the bears are made using plastic safety joints and plastic safety eyes, they are designed as keepsakes and prefer to sit somewhere to watch the world go by! Therefore, they are not suitable for children under 14 years.

They are stuffed with Polyester Fibre, Toy Safety standard stuffing, although they should not go in the washing machine as this will damage the structure of the the bears.

Amy can also make a lovely keepsake bear or bunny out of old clothes/bedding etc. They can also be personalised with names and dates. For more information on this service e-mail Amy directly